Our Team

Jérome Tordo
Managing Partner, Head Of Investment
Xavier de Champsavin
Managing Partner, Head of Family Office
Charles Le Vaillant
Partner, Head of Business Development
Sébastien Vaxelaire
Partner, Chief of Operations
Mario Dumont
Valuation Analyst
Carmen Diaz
Jonathan Philippe
Lead Developer
Alexandre Lelièvre
Investment Analyst
Marc Albertelli
Portfolio Manager
Miaro Raohilison
Risk Manager
Yannig Pariset
CFA, Partner, Portfolio Manager
Bruno Rolland
Family Officer
Victorien Vivier
CFA, Partner, Portfolio Manager
Pierre Guidou
Compliance and Internal Control Officer
Jean-Charles Lebaupin
Family Officer
Symbole Fluence
Fluence is a Multi-Family Office and an investment management company that work for some private clients along with their partners to structure, organize and invest their wealth.
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