Bound by a commitment
to excellence



Your needs and desires are unique. We tailor our advice to your specific goals to ensure we achieve them.



We build all-weather asset allocations to navigate through market cycles.



We work today to pass on your wealth tomorrow. We ensure the sustainability of your family's culture and philosophy.

Our Missions

Défendre vos intérêts

Always by your side

Our top priority is to protect your interests. We oversee the family's strategy and collaborate with your partners and advisors to ensure effective execution.


Assist in decision-making

We provide a comprehensive and forward-looking view of your assets to help you articulate your core values in making decisions regarding issues intersecting your wealth and your lives.


Never-ending learning

We eschew certainties, learn from our mistakes, and serve your family for generations. We consistently adapt our advice and services to your needs to maintain high-quality standards.

Who We Are

Established in 2021 by a team of 6 Wealth Management Specialists accustomed to collaborating, along with 4 families, Fluence was launched to support a select group of families based on three core values.



The team owns over 95% of our capital, ensuring decisions are made solely in your interest. All partners are personally invested in our investment solutions.



Innovation is ingrained in our culture. We allocate a significant portion of our resources to developing proprietary tools that enhance the quality and responsiveness of our services while ensuring confidentiality.



Managing private wealth is our sole focus. The founding team brings over 100+ years of experience from top-tier financial institutions, the team now consists of 15+ investment professionals.

Thinking differently

Thinking differently

We have cultivated a robust network of high-quality professionals in Wealth Management-related fields. We collaborate with your existing advisors to deliver tailored advice.

Comprendre le risque

Understand risk

For private investors, risk is more about drawdowns than volatility. The risk which can prevent you from recovering the value of your initial investment.

Agir quand il le faut

Take actions

Our primary benchmark is your goals. We take responsibility for defining your asset allocation and adjust the weights of risky assets according to market cycles.


Diversify portfolios

While we can't predict the future, we can diversify your portfolio to withstand favorable and adverse scenarios.

The investment solutions offered by Fluence present a risk of capital loss. We invite you to consult your advisor before any investment.

Symbole Fluence
Fluence is a Multi-Family Office and an investment management company that work for some private clients along with their partners to structure, organize and invest their wealth.
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